Welcome to My Software Solutions

Let us create your company's growth strategy together!

My Software Solutions is founded by two successful Sunshine Coast organisations – megabits.com.au and Make It Easy Business Solutions. The combination of these two organisations that has formed My Software Solutions enables us to provide a seamless service utilising highly skilled and experienced people to complete all aspects of what our client projects require – from concept to completion and ongoing support. We provide a personalised service, and continually aim to ensure that what we deliver for our clients continues to assist and benefit our clients in their core business.

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Custom Software

Does your software "fit" your business and the way that you work? Or does it force you to fit it?

We can develop software solutions that suit the needs of YOUR business, we can make software to do all the things you never thought you could. Just tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest.

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Electronic commerce is the use of electronic communication to do business.

Want to reach a larger market? The advantages of using E-Commerce for your business include; Greater availability, larger reach, lower operating costs, faster processing and an increase in company revenue.

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Do you want to save your business time and increase your profits?

We can help YOU manage YOUR customers and your business with a wide range of database applications including CRM tools, Job Tracking Systems, Product Ordering and Stock Control systems.

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