About Us
Elke Wick Elke Wick

Elke looks after our clients. Elke has been working in software development for 25 years, and provides Project Management, Requirements Testing, user training, technical and user documentation for our software projects.

Megan Cotton Megan Cotton

Megan has been writing software for various organisations and businesses for the last 15 years and she truly is the original geek girl! Megan lives by the motto "she who dies with the most gadgets, wins!"


Stephen Wooster Stephen Wooster

Stephen has been working at Megabits for the past four years, working predominantly on web based platforms.
"Some people call it 'being an indoors person', I prefer to think of it as sitting atop my throne of technology."


Jeff Hanson Jeff Hanson

Jeff makes sure that all the computers are running in the top form and mending the ones which get system failures at critical times.


Nizar Bathery Nizar Bathery

Nizar has been working in IT industry for last 10+ years and he thrives on challenges and he constantly willing to grow his capacity. He also aims to deliever sound solutions on a range of problems.


Ellyce O'Brien Ellyce O'Brien

Ellyce has started training at My Software Solutions and wants to be in the IT or Film/Movie industry when she leaves school.


Ellyce O'Brien Kiera-lee Botfield

Kiera-Lee is our administration professional. Kiera-Lee loves making sure our office runs smoothly.