What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce (electronic commerce) is the use of electronic communication from business to business. It involves trading products or services over the internet or another computer network.

E-commerce is most commonly used as it is much faster than normal commerce, and can be very efficient if implemented correctly.

Electronic commerce is the use of electronic communication to do business.

Advantages of E-Commerce
  • Your site is always available: The internet never closes, so neither will your online store.
  • Larger Reach: People from all over the world are able to access websites, so you will have a larger customer base.
  • Lower Costs: Without the need for a physical store, you don't have to pay for things like labour, advertising and paperwork.
  • Faster: E-Commerce saves time, so people are more likely to buy from you online, it saves you time on processing and recording orders too.

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Over 80% of small Australian businesses are connected to the internet.
In a survey conducted in 2007 the results indicated that, nearly 50% of Americans had purchased something online at some stage.
Similarly In a 2008 survey, 78% of Internet users agreed that online shopping was convenient, and 68% say that "it saves time".
There has been a dramtic growth in the amount of Internet based sales, and the numbers are still rising.